Adam Neumann

New talent is hard to come by

But not with us.

We are New Talent, the Corporate Finance Recruiters.

We partner with growing companies to provide CFOs, controllers, accountants, and financial analysts to strengthen their corporate finance teams.

We stand out by focusing on these three pillars:

Our extensive network of candidates

A thorough process

Loyal client relationships

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Our Built-In Network

With 15+ years of recruiting industry experience, we have built a database network with thousands of contacts who could help fill your positions.

As a bonus, our posts to over 13,000 LinkedIn followers always generate a fantastic amount of job candidates who reach out to us directly about an opening.

Our Process

Our exclusive New Talent 5-Step Recruitment Process gets rave reviews from both employers and new hires. It makes the hiring process easier.

Lastly, we believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients and candidates because loyalty is important to us. It’s one of our core values.

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If you are having a tough time finding CFOs, controllers, accountants, or financial analysts to join your team, let’s have a casual conversation to see if New Talent can help fill these positions.

Meet the Founder

Our founder, Adam Neumann, attended Wofford College and then the University of South Carolina, where he studied business economics, marketing, & international business. He spent eleven years in the recruiting industry before launching New Talent in 2018.

In between, our food-loving founder actually went to “chef school” at the prestigious “The Culinary Institute of America” (he makes some kickass French-inspired meals!) and was a successful Division 1 soccer player. Professionally, Adam is active with the Society for Human Resources Management (Palmetto-SHRM) and the CFO Council.

When not leading our organization, Adam volunteers with the Lowcountry chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society‘s (LLS) executive committee for their annual Man and Woman of the Year Fundraiser, and previously with Light The Night Lowcountry. His involvement stems from both his father’s (“Peepa”) and uncle’s diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL.) That led Adam to create “Team Peepa” which raises money every year to battle blood cancers.

His favorite hobbies include sports performance training, boating, competitive sports, traveling, skiing, spending time with his nieces and nephews, and pursuing his love and passion for food and cooking.

Want to connect with Adam?
Find him on LinkedIn:

Global CFO Council
Charleston CFO Council
Wofford College
Culinary Institute of America

New Talent

5-Step Recruitment Process

At New Talent, clients and candidates love that we have a proven five-step recruitment process that works. Our focus is on building and maintaining relationships.


Client Discovery Call


Candidate Sourcing


Interview Process Management


Offer Coordination & Acceptance


Client/Candidate Follow-ups

New Talent’s recruitment process ensures that we manage most of the time-consuming tasks for filling a job opening, so our clients can focus on running their businesses.

Step 1: Client Discovery Call


Learn about your company and the job opening.

Educate you about New Talent.
Advise on the most effective job description.
Match our interview process to the client.
Pinpoint your ideal candidate profile.

Step 2: Candidate Sourcing

Leverage our extensive network of contacts.
Promote your opening to our followers.
Identify qualified candidates.
Deliver customized candidate summaries.

Step 3: Interview Process Management

Once you have selected your candidates of interest, New Talent then takes over the following essential tasks, so you can focus on what you do best:


Coordinate & Schedule interviews.

Conduct post-interview client/candidate debriefs.
Keep candidate “warm” and engaged until offer.

Step 4: Offer Coordination & Acceptance

Collaborate to craft a compelling job offer.
Align offer expectations with the client.
Facilitate extension of the verbal and written offer.
Maintain candidate commitment through start date.

Step 5: Client/Candidate Follow-Ups


Check-in with the candidate and client at regular intervals to ensure all are happy (Days 1, 15, 30, 60 & 90+.)